Poly and the Marble Maze

Poly and the Marble Maze

Welcome back! Today on Lupy Games comes with a unique style. Poly and the Marble Maze is another amazing tricky puzzle game that involves rolling and jumping skills.

Wait a sec! This is no the e-a-s-i-e-s-y game you have played I can assure you. You will enjoy the game if you are a huge fan of jumping and rolling.

Without much talk let us proceed to how to play this unique online game.

How to Play

Be the guardian of a lost ball and guide her through the beautiful but mysterious Marble Maze.

The levels here are very challenging so be prepared, the stunning graphics and visual also added to enormously to the gaming experience.

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Now your mission is to collect all three (3) crystals and reach the flags which mark the end of each level.

Sounds pretty easy huh, come on that’s not all, you need to solve tricky puzzles and scale through obstacles and hindrances. Now, this is becoming much fun.

Features of Poly and Marble Maze

  • Fun physics-based movement
  • Increasingly tricky and difficult levels
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Touch, keyboard/mouse, and controller support
  • Amazing audio and sound effects

Game Info

Game TitlePoly and the Marble Maze
CategoryPuzzle, Action
PlatformWeb browser
Released dateJanuary 2019

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Poly & the Marble Maze is the perfect game to test your rolling and jumping skills. There are also tricky puzzles and obstacles to overcome if you want to achieve your aim.

We’d love to know what you think of the game in the comment section. Tell others of the game if you like it through the share buttons.

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