Stained Act 1

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Welcome once more Lupy Games Trooper it is time for battle. Stained act 1 is an amazing online shooter game full of adventures.

Play Lance, alone henchman, who was caught up into a twisted scenario. He was later forced to rouge with Ophelia who coincidentally happened to be a daughter to a crime lord in the city.

Sounds p-r-e-t-t-y fun right? Enjoy the shooting effects that come with the game.

How to Play

Hey cadet! It is time to play Lance, it is time to take care of the city crimes. The game is filled with many actions and shooting scenes, point and click situations and puzzles.

To live you need to kill enemies fast, you can take your time solving the puzzles that come with the game. Follow the compelling story of Lance in Stained Act 1 and the amazing gameplay and audio effects.

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To improve your aim, you can visit the shooting range anytime there you get to test how good you have become. The game doesn’t stop here, watch out for the continuation in Stained Act 2…Stay Tuned.

Features of Stained Act 2

  • Solve complex puzzles
  • Compelling story
  • Great atmospheric graphics
  • Test your shooting skills
  • Shooting scenes
  • Point and click situations

Stained act 1 Full Summary

Game TitleStained act 1
PlatformWeb Browser
CategoryAdventure, Action
Released DateDecember 2018
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In Stained Act you play the dark story of a lone henchman Lance. Fight against crimes in your city and make the city is clean and free from crime.

You will have to go to be quick with your shooting skills or take your time to solve complex puzzles. You better improve your shooting skills at the shooting range because they are coming for you.

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