Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas

Spiderman Character

Time to be spidy, Lupy Gamers! In Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas, you can become Spiderman even without a spider bite.

How would you love to use Spiderman’s powers? Here you have two options to be a hero to save the day or a villain to spoil the day.

Well, the amazing city simulator game has made it possible, so it is up to you to be good or bad.

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How to Play

Choose your superhero like Spiderman and try to stop villains who want to destroy your city. You can also be the bad guy and try destroying the city and anyone who dares try to stop you.

There are many costumes to choose from and moves including shot, building climb and laser beam too. It is in your hands to destroy or build your city, which path will you choose?

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  • Stunning graphics with audio effects
  • Spiderman character, abilities, and costumes
  • Choose to be the hero or the villain
  • Lots of missions
  • Open world
Spiderman Character
PlatformWeb Browser
Released DateFeb. 2019

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