Bottle Flip 3D

Bottle Flip 3D
FileBottle Flip 3D
Game ModeOnline
PlatformsWeb Browser, Android
Release DateJanuary 2019
Control TypesTapping
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Hello, gammers! Today’s special game is Bottle Flip 3D, where you have to flip a plastic bottle. You need to make the plastic bottle flip to keep the game going.

Are you smiling already? It is not as easy as it sounds. Imagine making a bottle flip in the real world.

The game is an arcade game that needs good reactions and skill.

How to Play

You need to make the bottle jump once or double flip. All you need to achieve this is to tap the screen at the right moment and jump.

HOTTEST:  Flip the Floors

There are many locations and objects to jump on including shelves, tables, chairs, sofas, and even sub-woofers. How good is your agility?

Develop coordination and control the strength and distance of the jump. Make sure you get the correct distance to complete the level objectives.

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Features of Bottle Flip 3D

  • Agility, coordination, and fun
  • Flip a plastic bottle
  • Explore different rooms and levels.
  • Tap the screen at the right moment and jump
  • Interesting levels and easy controls
HOTTEST:  Big Big Baller

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Bottle Flip 3D is an online arcade 3D game where you need to make a bottle jump on objects by tapping the screen. Let’s test your reactions and skills.

You are only permitted to jump twice at most, so I guess your timing needs to be perfect too.

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