Cute Unicorn Care

Cute Unicorn Care
Game NameCute Unicorn Care
Released DateJune 2018

Hello, dear friends of Lupy Games, today I will be introducing a cool game I bet you will like. Cute Unicorn Care is the game for the day, where you play the role of a skilled veterinarian.

If you have always wanted to be a vet doctor, here is another opportunity to be one. Your main aim is to assist little unicorns to get back to their fun-loving selves.

Help the sick unicorns feel better and the dirty ones get cleaner. What else does a veterinarian do? Find out more in Cute Unicorn Online.

How to Play

Assist sick and dirty unicorns to get back to their fun-loving self using your skills as a veterinarian. You will have to use the available tools and equipment to clean them down and heal their bumps and scrapes.

Follow the onscreen guide and instructions to assist each unicorn until they are cured. Make sure you follow these instructions to complete each objective and get the sad/sick unicorns happy again.

Features of Cute Unicorn Care

  • The main hero is a unicorn
  • Three (3) unicorns to play with
  • Eight (8) different activities
  • Guide and instructions on how to play

Play Now


Have you thought of becoming a veterinarian in the real world? You can start a career in Cute Unicorn Care. Use the available tools and equipment provided in the game to cure your unicorn.

Start the career and live your dream as a Veterinarian and save as many unicorns you can.

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