Top Online Games Lupy for August 2019

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What’sup dude! How is it going? Today I’d love to make a list of online games lupy have to offer for August 2019.

Playing online games on our blog is free no hidden charges what so ever. You can also download the Lupy Games Android App to play games without having to our site.

Back to business! You are here because you want to see the games trending on Lupy Games this month, right?

Here are the top online games on Lupy Games for August 2019.

1. Rugby Ball Mayhem

Rugby Ball Mayhem

Let’s play Rugby Ball Mayhem which happens to be one of the best multiplayer sports game. I hear most Rugby lovers are scared to play the real-life game.

S-c-a-r-d-y cats! Well, you do not need to fear injuries and other things that make you change your mind in the game of Rugby.

2. Mini Golf World

Mini Golf World Download

I present to you the Mini Golf World, I am sure you will enjoy the game. The graphics and audio effects are enough to keep you addicted.

You don’t need to visit the field to play Golf, with your device all you need is launch game and enjoy. The more you progress in the game, the more difficult the challenge becomes.

3. Short Life

Sort Life Screenshot

Short Life is an amazing online game with a strange twist…oh, yea. Your job is to control a hero and guide the poor doll through dangerous obstacles that await it.

Why do I hear the heartbeat? S-c-a-r-y right…maybe you should run to mama. You have 16 levels to complete, good news fella you’d be awarded a star for not killing your doll.

4. Doddle Creatures

Doodle Creatures

In Doodle Creatures, you can be the creator you have always wanted. Play the creator and create your Universe filled with amazing creatures.

This is an adventure you don’t want to miss, how would it feel combining an elephant with a flamingo? I-n-t-r-e-s-t-i-n-g right? That’s not all there are hundreds of fantastic and unique creatures for you to create.

5. Farmer Simulator 2019

Farm Simulator 2019

Farming does not have to be done in the field alone, with farmer simulator 2019 you can become the farmer you want. Get all the tools and equipment to make you a better farmer and seize the opportunity.

Life is not a bed of roses, you may experience the tough and tiresome life of a farmer you still have the unique opportunity to see what it takes to manage your land and crops.

6. OMG Word Pop

OMG Word Pop

To play the OMG Word Pop, you have to connect the letters in the correct order to make words.

Devise faster ways to look for words and collect more stars. The game is all about forming words as fast as you can.

How fast can you form all the words that are waiting for you in this challenging online game?

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