Color Bump

Color Bump
Game TitleColor Bump
PlatformsWeb Browser
DeveloperRoyale Gamers
Released DateDecember 2018

Lupy Games Amigos whatsup?! I present to you Color Bump an online game you should try out. Color Bump is an online HTML5 game played by many gamers around the globe.

The 3D arcade arcade game comes with stunning graphics and audio effects. You must control a ball and try to avoid hitting objects that are not of the same color as the ball.

Color Bump is an Online brick pushing game where you need to slide left and right to control the ball moving forward. Your goal is to get to the end through an array of bricks and blocks.

HOTTEST:  Light Rays

Can you handle that?! You need to prove it first.

How to Play

Remember the game is kinda tricky, bricks don’t disappear because of collision instead they try to prevent you from moving forward.

Touching with colors will cause the ball to burst, you need to think ahead and plan your path to survive in the game. To last long yo need to control the strength of the collision and remain under the protection of the white ball till the checkpoints are complete.

The game begins at a slow pace but increases as you progress you must have great reactions and use swiping actions to move the ball.


Features of Color Bump

  • Over 800 levels to complete
  • Beautifully colored levels
  • Cool collision physics
  • Stunning 3D graphics and audio effects
  • Becomes difficult as you progress

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Color Bump 3D is an amazing arcade game with stunning graphics and audio effects with over 800 levels. The game is developed by Royale Games and has received many ratings.

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