Light Rays

Light Rays

Lupy games present Light Rays, here your only objective is to reflect the light with mirrors until they connect the big diamond.

Do not conclude in a hurry that it is a child’s play. Connecting theses can be a little technical. A-m-a-z-i-n-g right?

For a more detailed understanding let us proceed to how to play the game, grab your chilled glass of water and proceed.

How to Play

Your sole objective is to reflect the ray of light until it is connected to the big diamond. To accomplish that, you have to place your mirrors around the stage until the light connects to the shiny rock.


The trick is to monitor the light rays before placing your mirrors, be careful failure results to game over.

Be smart and think steps further before placing mirrors, good luck you may just be able to complete the 18 brain-teasing levels.

Light Rays Gameplay – YouTube

Features of Light Rays

  • Reflect the light with mirrors.
  • 18 brain-teasing levels.
  • Amazing audio effects and soundtrack.
  • Stunning gameplay and graphics
  • Easy controls

Game Info

Game TitleLight Rays
PlatformWeb browser
Released DateJanuary 2019

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In Light Rays, you are assigned to carry out one duty to help the ray of light find its way to the big diamond on the stage. You can achieve this by placing your mirrors in the right place. You have 18 levels waiting to be completed.

Do not forget to tell us how far you went in the game and your reviews in the comment box.

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