Trigon FRVR

Trigon FRVR

Bonjour Amigos! I present to one of the strangest games on Lupy Games. Trigon is a super amazing online game with unique gameplay and control.

How do you like it s-t-r-a-n-g-e? Here we got a lot of strange games.

Have you played the color switch series, if yes you will fall in love with this game even more. But here you will have to rotate a three colored triangle instead of bouncing a round ball.

How to Play

The idea is to rotate a three colored triangle with corners of different colors including orange, cream, and green.

To progress in the game, you are to match the top point of the triangle to the colored bars that slide down the screen.

The game controls are quite easy to remember, use your left click mouse button to rotate the triangle and change the colors. Failure to cross the line with the right color will be a game over for you.

HOTTEST:  Overthink

You need to use the right colors to cross the line to progress. Are you smiling? The game is more technical than you are thinking right now.

In Trigon, you begin the game with an easy and slower pace, but as you progress, it becomes faster and harder. The bars start to fall faster, often and even closer together.

So this is a test of your reflexes and reactions, the trick is to be able to calculate steps ahead. I told ya, this is for the brainy ones.

Features of Trigon

  • Rotate a three colored triangle
  • Starts quite easy
  • As you progress the puzzles become harder
  • Amazing audio effects
  • Stunning graphics
  • Easy but technical controls

Trigon FRVR Details

Game TitleTrigon FRVR
PlatformWeb Browser
CategorySkill, Puzzle
Released DateJanuary 2019
HOTTEST:  Light Rays

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Trigon FRVR is a unique online game where you rotate a three colored triangle with corners of different colors. For Andriod users, you can check the on play store to download the game file.

Have you played the game…What do you think…Where you among the brainy ones? Let’s hear your reviews on the comment session.

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