Rugby Ball Mayhem

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Game TitleRugby Ball Mayhem
ModeOnline, Multiplayer
PlatformWeb Browser
Released DateJuly 2018
DeveloperRoyale Games

Welcome back to Lupy Games mate! Let’s play Rugby Ball Mayhem which happens to be one of the best multiplayer sports game. I hear most Rugby lovers are scared to play the real-life game.

S-c-a-r-d-y cats! Well, you do not need to fear injuries and other things that make you change your mind in the game of Rugby.

The gameplay and rules are like that of a real-life rugby game. How much can you play American Football?

How to Play

You have a major aim which to take the ball to the end of the zone and score a touchdown.

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You have a team of gallant players, coordinate your team to achieve that very purpose.

Watch out for incoming tackles from opponents and make sure you do not lose the ball no matter what.

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Perhaps you lost the ball to your opponent, you must take the ball from them at all cost.


  • Similar to the real-life American Rugby
  • First and second half match
  • Easy control and amazing gameplay
  • Stunning graphics
  • A ball indicator
  • Leaderboard
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Rugby Ball Mayhem is an online multiplayer game with one objective, getting the ball to the end of the zone. Losing the ball to an opponent could cost you a lot, you must get the ball back at all cost.

Enjoy the amazing gameplay and the cool graphics.

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